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Slings, Swivels, Belts

Allen Standard Rifle/Shotgun Slings
$8.19 - $20.99
3/8" foam padding. Heavy web construction.
Allen Ruger® 10/22®
Heavy-duty 1.25" web construction with Quick detach swivels with locking system. Adjustable buckle slides to fit most. Embroidered logo.
Allen Gunnison Neoprene Sling
Heavy-duty 1" webbing. Non-sling neoprene shoulder pad. Fully adjustable. 1" Swivels.
Allen Cascade Slings
Features stretch neoprene pad for comfort. Tacky, "sharkskin" back keeps the sling from slipping off the shoulder. Rugged stretch binding adds durability and controls the stretch to reduce sling bounce when walking. 8079: Features Allen quick detachable swivel with locking system and magazine tube cap with swivel stud included. Add a sling to your shotgun without drilling a swivel stud into the buttstock. Remington or 12 gauge only.
Allen Rail Mount Swivel Stud
Swivel set for bolt action rifles without hardware installed. Contains: necessary hardware to install swivels into most bolt action rifles.Designed to work with wood or synthetic stock. Additional threaded screw and nut are included for a secure connection in stocks with thin wood walls or hollow synthetic stocks.
Allen Magnum Swivel Set
Tested to 300 lbs. Cast swivel set, 1". Locking screw to provide solid attachment.
Allen Yukon Rifle Sling W/Installed Swivels
Four Elastic Rifle Cartridge Loops. Thumb Ring Loop. Heavy Duty Web Construction. Neoprene Shoulder Pad With Soft Sharkskin Gripping Surface. Break-Up Camo. W./Sling swivels installed.
Allen Baktrak Slip Resist Cushioned Back Slings
Slings come with solo soft molded back for extreme grip eliminates sling related noise. Heavy-duty 1" webbing. 1" Swivels tested to 300 pounds. One hand quick adjusting. Thumb loop.
Allen Baktrak Flex Sling
The BAKTRAK® Flex Sling features an Extreme Grip back that is designed for eliminating sling related noise. Cushioned and flexible for all day comfort, this neoprene sling also is one hand, quick adjusting and has a thumb loop, heavy-duty webbing, and the swivels are tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Baktrak Ambush Sling
The BAKTRAK® Ambush Sling by Allen features a tacky back made from rubber gripping dots to grip your shoulder and reduce sling related noise. Lightweight, yet durable, this sling's swivels have been tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Yukon Neoprene Rifle/Shotgun Slings
The Yukon Neoprene Rifle Sling and shotgun Sling both have four Elastic Rifle cartridge lood, a thumb ring loop, Heavy Duty Web Construction, and a Neoprene shoulder pad with a soft "Sharkskin" gripping surface. They feature the famous breakup camo pattern to help you blend right in.
Allen Cobra Padded Tanned Rifle Sling
Full grain leather face. Heavy duty web strap. Suede lining. Designed for one hand adjustment.
Allen Signature Web & Neoprene Rifle Sling
The Allen Signature Web & Neoprene Sling features a neoprene pad and a tacky, sharkskin back with a tapered web sling. Swivels tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Slide & Lock Leather Sling
Special buckle that allows sling to be adjusted instantly. Allen quick detachable sling swivels included.
Allen Big Game Rifle Sling
Suede leather front and back. Heavy duty design.
Allen Baktrak One Piece Slings
All BakTrak slings come with solo soft molded back for extreme grip eliminates sling related noise. Heavy-duty 1" webbing. 1" Swivels tested to 300 pounds. One hand quick adjusting.
Allen Ruger Single Point Sling
The adjustable, heavy-duty Ruger® Single Point Sling has a 1.5? web shoulder strap with heavy-duty metal type attachment hoop, and shock absorbing bungee covered with heavy-duty web. The sling is designed to clip to the receiver or upper stock of a tactical rifle. Strap adjusts from 42? to 54?.
Allen Glenwood Sling
The Glenwood Sling is the perfect addition to any rifle. The design features lightweight foam padding that gives great support with minimal weight. To prevent slipping off the shoulder, the surface against the body is textured, providing grip against the shoulder. The sling is fitted with Allen Magnum swivels, the strongest production swivel in the USA. Dimensions: Pad is 15? long, and the overall sling adjusts up to 38? when fully extended.
Allen Ruger Mesa Neoprene Sling
Ruger has always been associated with quality and the officially licensed Ruger® Mesa Neoprene Gun Sling is no exception. The Ruger® Mesa Neoprene Sling features a stretchable neoprene body for added comfort on those long days in the field. The sticky back reduces slip, and the elastic center section reduces stretch so you stay comfortable, even on long hikes in the elements. Out neoprene gun sling includes swivels tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Hypa-Lite Hypalon Bruiser Sling
The Hypa-Lite? Bruiser? Sling is a gun sling designed with the whitetail deer hunter in mind. The sling begins with ultra-durable and lightweight hypalon construction with molded, low-density foam and a non-slip backing. The front of the sling features Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo in quiet fabric, plus a stretch mesh pocket for a windicator bottle or grunt call and a small neoprene pocket for a lens cleaning cloth or other small accessory. The body of the shoulder pad is 14? long by 3.25? wide, and the adjustable web sling is 1? wide. Includes D-rings to attach accessories, an adjustable ladder lock buckle and swivels tested up to 300 pounds.
Allen Baktrak Glen Eagle Rifle Sling
The BAKTRAK® Glen Eagle Rifle Sling comes with a soft molded back for Extreme Grip that also reduces sling related noise with its rubber tread grip back. Features 1.25? heavy duty webbing, a thumb loop, and swivels tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Baktrak Bullet Sling
The Allen BAKTRAK® Bullet Sling has a soft molded rubber tread grip back for Extreme Grip that reduces sling related noise. This one hand, quick adjusting sling has a cushioned fit, four elastic loops to hold rifle cartridges, and swivels that are tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Ruger Summit Ultralite Molded Sling
Ruger has always been associated with quality and the officially licensed The Ruger® Summit Ultralite gun sling is no exception. Made with low density foam, covered by rugged fabric this Ultralite gun sling will take what the elements will throw at it. It comes with a non-slip textured back, the Ruger® Summit Ultralite Gun Sling is lightweight and durable. The gun sling itself is constructed with heavy duty web material, and the swivels are tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Mounting Hardware For Bolt Action
End screw for wood or screw & nut. Wood screw for buttstock with white spacer. Complete illustrated instructions.
Allen Baktrak Bull Basin Leather Elk Sling
Allen's BakTrak Bull Basin Leather Sling features full grain leather facing with a BakTrak extreme grip backing. Designed for elk hunters, this sling provides quick, one hand adjustment and incredible shoulder grip. Includes swivels.
Allen Baktrak Woodmooor Rifle Sling
The BAKTRAK® Woodmoor gun Sling features Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo and BAKTRAK® technology, which is designed to reduce sling related noise with its Extreme Grip rubber tread grip back. This gun sling is equipped with 1.25 heavy duty webbing and a thumb loop. This gun sling can be adjusted with one hand and has swivels tested to 300 pounds.
Allen Denali Neoprene Cartridge Sling
$32.99 - $39.99
The Denali Neoprene Rifle Cartridge Sling features five cartridge loops for your ammo. This sling also features a slip proof Sharkskin back and has the cushioning effect of neoprene. Swivels tested to 300 pounds.
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