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Fishing the club lake at sunset

"A bad day fishing is better than a good day working!"

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Winter Fishing

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Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
K&E Poly Jigs

Similar to the Honey Jig, but available only in all nickel or all gold finish. [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Lakco Rattle, Hinge Mount
$6.39 - $9.29

3 1/4" x 1 1/4" reel mounted on a 7" arm with a hinge. Can be fastened to a board or fish house wall. [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)
K&E Fairy Jigs

Tear drop jig with metal wings. Painted front, metal back. [more]

Fenwick Nighthawk Ice Spinning Combo

The Fenwick Night Hawk? combines the quality and premiere craftsmanship that Fenwick embodies with today's modern day high-tech components. Featuring a unique TAC and EVA split grip handle design that provides anglers with ultimate comfort and lightweight feel. Night Hawk? rods are designed to be… [more]

Ice Armor Outdoor Gloves

Fitted, flexible neoprene gloves, reinforced with Amara palm and fingertips. Comfortable and durable, with adjustable velcro wrist closure. Features, flexible neoprene Durable Amara palm & fingertip reinforcements. [more]

Northland Rippin' Shad

The Northland Rippin' Shad Lipless Crankbait provides a whole new level of versatility over most lipless crankbaits on the market. Featuring a flat-head design for a tight wiggling action and an internally weighted rattle chamber that emits sonic vibrations, you can burn the Rippin' shad across… [more]

Lakco Bucket Rod Holder

Just snap it on a 5 gallon bucket and have the easiest and portable rod holder on the market. Fast removal of rod for a quick hook set. Ideal for ice or shore fishing. [more]

VMC Flap Tail Jig
$3.29 - $4.39

The ready-to-fish VMC® Flap Tail Jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X® Flap Tail Grub soft bait (also sold separately). The thin profiled tail, like a beaver, creates a flapping action similar to a leech or the tail section can be split to mimic that of a wounded swimming minnow. The innovative… [more]

HT Plastic Minnow Scoop

Plastic W/Disgorger [more]

HT Jumbo Minnow Net

Jumbo Minnow Net has a jumbo sized white mesh net and heavy duty coated handle. [more]

Northland UV Macho Minnow

Northland UV Macho Minnows flick, flash, kick and clatter to attract fish. With High-Vis UV finishes, these minnows will lure in fish from far away. Macho Minnows feature UV coatings combined with erratic, crippled minnow actions to make them deadlier than ever. [more]

Frabill Bro Series Spinning Combo

Frabill is introducing a total of 20 new Bro Series rod and reel combos designed to give you the ultimate control and feel no matter what species you're pursuing. Thirteen different rods available in 6 different lengths provide a range of actions for pulling in light-biting Panfish to record… [more]

Lakco Combo Case

Holds up to 4 Combos. [more]

Big Bear Silent Spin Seat

Fits any 2½ to 7 gallon bucket. [more]

JB Lures Walleye Weasel

One of J B Lures originals, the Weasel is a hand soldered willow shaped Vertical Jigging Spoon. Drops fast and has a darting action when jigged. Weasels have a Hammered back and are two toned (except the gold one), they have a Squiggie decal as well as a prism eye. The Neon colors and the… [more]

Lindy Darter

A proper ice fishing lure has long been defined as something small, not too flashy, and loaded with meat. After all, with water temperatures in the low to mid thirties, sluggish fish aren't looking for a large, loud lure. Or are they? Lindy decided to push the boundary, to make something with a… [more]

Northland UV Forage Minnow Dart

Northland UV Forage Minnow Darts have an awesome darting and swimming action that attract even sluggish fish. These jigs are designed to be jigged vertically, but also shine in open-water casting applications. UV Forage Minnow Darts feature a highly-visible, UV-enhanced, optically-brightened finish. [more]

Clam Zero Wire Rigs

Ingenious sliding treble hook design cradles any size minnow in perfect swimming position. Fish hits, you put it to him, and the trebles close on his mouth like a snare snapping shut. Everything lines up, so the connection is rock solid. Nothing dangles. Very common for the second hook to find the… [more]

Humminbird Accessories

0190-0699: Battery only. 0190-0700 includes charger. [more]

K-Drill Prop Rig

Rattlin' Scout spoon is designed for the sole purpose of quickly and efficiently targeting aggressive schooling fish. The compact body is equipped with a brass rattle and black treble hook alerting fish from afar and attracting them while close. [more]

Mason Tip-up / Squidding Braid
$49.08 - $58.14

Tip-Up Line is high quality, waterproofed to prevent mildew, and heat stretched for additional strength. [more]

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Pony Spools

Low stretch for short jigging situations. Designed for finicky fish in ultra clear water, Trilene Micro Ice is the thinnest, strongest monofilament you can fish. Its low-stretch design gives better lure control and increases sensitivity for fast hooksets. If you like ice fishing with monofilament,… [more]

$2.69 - $2.79

Tungsten weight ice jigs with ultras sharp hooks. Tungsten is heavier than lead so you can use a smaller profile jig. Extra sharp hooks, semi - balanced style for great action when jigged. Glass bead on collar for added attraction. Single Pack. [more]

Vexilar Tackle Box

For Ultra & Pro II [more]

Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rig
$3.99 - $5.19

Ideal for Perch, Walleye, Pike and Trout. The Baitfish-Image Attractor Blade and razor sharp VMC blood red treble hook present both live and dead baits in the most natural way possible. These rigs work great below a tip-up, rattle reel or float. They are constructed with 7" of 15# Bionic… [more]

Northland Macho Minnow

Boldest, toughest and most lethal minnow imitating jigging spoon ever developed for vertical jigging below a boat or ice hole! It is engineered from cut brass, and features a CutSlab? beveled edge design that creates an eratic tumbling, darting action to imitate a crippled minnow. Highly reflective… [more]

Yaktrax Tungsten Carbine Spike

Turn your shoes into a Zamboni, with Icetrekkers Spikes. Excellent for navigating icy streets, parking lots and driveways, Icetrekkers Spikes can be used with a variety of footwear. They are easy to put on and to take off, and stay on the footwear without the need for buckles or straps. Icetrekkers… [more]

Skandia Tear Drop Tungsten Jig

We've been hearing for some time now that anglers wanted a Tungsten Tear Drop and Skandia now offers such an item. These Tear Drop jigs will be a huge hit with the anglers and an even bigger hit with the fish. Tip them with livebait or your favorite plastic and see what happens. Panfish are sure to… [more]

Skandia Pelkie Tungsten Jig
$2.69 - $2.79

They feature ultra-sharp nickel hooks for better penetration as well as a glass bead on the collar for added attraction. They are heavier than standard lead jigs, allowing for the use of a smaller profile lure. Designed with a semi-balanced style, these ice-fishing jigs give you a quicker drop and… [more]

781 Results
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