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Fishing the club lake at sunset

"A bad day fishing is better than a good day working!"

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Winter Fishing

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Lakco Rattle, Hinge Mount
$6.39 - $9.19

3 1/4" x 1 1/4" reel mounted on a 7" arm with a hinge. Can be fastened to a board or fish house wall. [more]

K&E Poly Jigs

Similar to the Honey Jig, but available only in all nickel or all gold finish. [more]

K&E Fairy Jigs

Tear drop jig with metal wings. Painted front, metal back. [more]

NW Metro Tackle Tungsten Rain Drop Jig
$3.09 - $18.54

Not only does our Raindrop Tungsten Jig stay sharper, drop faster and last longer, we've also 24 gold plated it making it irresistable to fish. Gold jigs have been a fisherman's go to' color for the past 100 years. Tip with minnow or waxworm. Available in sizes #8LS (Long Shank), #8, #10, #12 and… [more]

NW Metro Tackle Perch Eye Jigs

The Perch Eye Jig is becoming a favorite for crappie fishermen. It's also effective for panfish and walleye and can be easily seen on electronics. Colors attract fish day or night... even in stained or muddy water. Tip with minnow or grub. [more]

NW Metro Tackle Wide Gap Jigs

The Wide Gap Jig has a unique kahle style hook that sets quick and holds'em. It's deadly for crappie and walleye and is easily seen on electronics. Brilliant colors that attract fish day or night... even in stained or muddy water. Tip with minnow or grub. 12 per card. [more]

Vexilar Transom Mount Transducers

Comes with the Mounting Bracket & 25' of Cable. [more]

Vexilar Power Cords & Extension Cable
$16.99 - $36.99

Choose your power cord or extension cable. [more]

Vexilar Tackle Box

For Ultra & Pro II [more]

Berkley Powerbait Whipworm

When moved aggressively the Whipworm has a high action undulating tail to attract fish Less aggressive movement produces a subtle tail flick for finicky fish Designed for a horizontal jigging presentation [more]

Johnson Snare Spoon Ice

Snare spoon is designed to quickly and efficiently target schooling fish. The compact body is equipped with a dropper chain affixed with a single hook ideal for tipping and attracting neutral fish. Realistic fish patterns with 3D eyes, gill plate, and scale texture. Compact body ideal for getting… [more]

Northland Whistler Spoon

Forged from solid brass and features a CutSlab? Macho Minnow® body that erratically tumbles and flashes on the fall. Hollow brass beads clack, clang & clatter while a sonic whistling prop blade lures Walleyes, Perch, Pike & Trout from a wide distance. [more]

Northland Macho Minnow

Boldest, toughest and most lethal minnow imitating jigging spoon ever developed for vertical jigging below a boat or ice hole! It is engineered from cut brass, and features a CutSlab? beveled edge design that creates an eratic tumbling, darting action to imitate a crippled minnow. Highly reflective… [more]

Lindy Tungsten Ice Worm

The Lindy Ice Worm has been a staple design among ice fisherman for decades. The Ice Worm fishes heavy, getting down to the strike zone fast to capitalize on biting schools of panfish. The Ice Worm was the first jig with a segmented body emulating natural larva and still fools crappies, bluegills,… [more]

Lindy Tungsten Toad

The Lindy Tungsten Toad features the same weight-forward design, angled line-tie and 10-degree offset hook as the original Lindy Toad, a proven design that allows the bait to hang horizontal with the hook point fully exposed. Because tungsten is more dense and heavier than lead, the Tungsten Toad… [more]

Northland UV Buck-Shot®

Highly visible, UV-enhanced, optical-brightened finish acts like a magnet for crappies, walleye and perch. The Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon ticks, thumps and clicks to lure fish from long range. [more]

Berkley Powerbait Ice Mite

Mimics the common and abundant zooplankton forage. Features appendages and legs with a natural subtle action. Fish simply can't resist the Mite. [more]

Berkley Powerbait Ice Swordtail

Thin tapered tail designed for high action with minimal jig movement. Subtle tail flicking and/or undulating action. Designed for a horizontal presentation. Bug shape imitates natural fish prey. [more]

Berkley Powerbait Ice Wishbone

Thin tapered legs designed for high action with minimal jig movement. Ideal for perch and crappie. Designed for a horizontal presentation. Large body for easy rigging. [more]

Custom Jigs Nuclear Ant

A vertical presentation with the addition of a Finesse Plastic four-legged ant collar. The leg collars are interchangeable and replaceable for mix and match presentations. The Nuclear Ant is a great shallow water choice when fish are aggressive or when a subtle action is needed to entice. [more]

Custom Jigs Gill Pill Jigs

The Half Moon head of the Gill Pill gives it an enticing fluttering motion during the drop that fish find irresistible. 12 Per card. [more]

K&E Moon Shine & Glitter

The Moon Shine features a two-tone painted front with a large double eye. The Moon Glitter features a various colors sprinkled with glitter. The back is polished nickel for added flash. 24 per card. [more]

Neon Lites Grubies Jig

Glow-in-the-dark. Resembles larva/grubs. Ideal for year round fishing. Perfect when paired with waxworm, minnow, or leech 2 per package. [more]

Clam Drop-Kick Jig
$5.49 - $5.89

The DROP-KICK, was designed by Mr. Dave Genz to be the perfect cadence jig. It features a 90-degree XL hook with a larger tie-eye, stronger wire and increased hook gap for better hook-up percentage compared to other jigs. When the DROP-KICK is jigged correctly, it creates a kick that panfish can't… [more]

Clam Hub Link Accessory

The NEW Hub Link system makes it easy to enjoy a day on the ice with your friends and family. Works with VistaLink? shelters. 420 Denier Fabric. Heavy Duty Zippers. Patent-pending Link System allowing to join two Vista Link shelters together. [more]

Clam Fluoro Big Tooth Rig

As merciless as marauding pike and walleyes are, they can also shy away from too much hardware at times. In clear water (and a lot of water is clear under the ice!) the Bigtooth Fluoro Rig shines. Let's rephrase. It shines because it doesn't shine. Light passes through heavy fluorocarbon, which… [more]

Clam Deluxe Fan Light

The Deluxe Fan/Light Combo by Clam can be conveniently hung in the best location, and with the touch of a button you can have air movement, light, or both. The Deluxe Fan and Light Combo comes with an LED light source for long battery life, and the fan provides adequate yet quiet air movement. This… [more]

$2.69 - $2.79

Tungsten weight ice jigs with ultras sharp hooks. Tungsten is heavier than lead so you can use a smaller profile jig. Extra sharp hooks, semi - balanced style for great action when jigged. Glass bead on collar for added attraction. Single Pack. [more]

Shappell 1 Man Flip FX Series Shelter

Solid One Piece Instant Flip Frames, Wide Body Sled Base, Full Width Padded Sliding Bench, Wide Front Zipper Door, Rear Access Door, High Visibility Reflectors, Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Fabric, Auto-Flow Air Vents, Sled Base: 60"L x 44"W x 13"H, Size: Set Up: 44"W x 110"D x 68"H, Travel: 44"W x… [more]

885 Results
Per Page 30 60
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