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Tip Ups & Accessories

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Eagle Claw Tip-Up Line Marker

Line marker tip-up. Ideal for marking your line. Helps maintain depth on tip ups. Can be used as bobbers. [more]

Woodstock Rigs

The tip-up-ready Woodstock EZ Tip-Up Rig encourages timid fish to take a bite. Leader material is made of slim, near-invisible 20-lb.-test seven-strand camo wire for the strength and durability to handle hard-fighting fish and ultrasharp teeth. Swivel prevents line twists while your bait… [more]

Woodstock Adjustable Quickset Rig

Woostock Quick-Set rigs are designed to keep bait perfectly horizontal- doubling your odds of a good hook set. 20 lb, stainless braided wire, barrel swivel to prevent twisting, a Treble Hook with a tiny spinner blade (to attract attention), and a single red Bait holder hook. Use the single hook in… [more]

Berkley Bottom Finders

Packed 100 No Break. [more]

Beaver Dam Tip-Ups Accessory Hook

Beaver Dam Tip-ups hook holder is added to the base of the flag rod to keep your leader in straight and your hook in a safe place when not in use. Comes as a 3 pack. Height: 3 1/2" Width: 1/2" Weight:0 Lb(s) 2 Oz. [more]

HT All-Season Micro-Lite

Designed for use on any Tip-up. Comes equipped with a micro sensitive, switch for easy line release. Comes with lite and two standard 1.5V batteries (hearing aid, 312, or 392, or equivalent). [more]

HT Tip-Up Tube Carrying Case

Super tough tube material. Works for most tip-ups. Keeps lines from tangling. Carry strap for easy transport. Great for off-season storage. For up to 25" long tip-ups. [more]

Therm-A-Seat Ice Hole Insulator Cover

Slows, even prevents your ice fishing hole from freezing. These closed cell foam insulator covers will fit any hole up to 11". They are 11.5" in diameter by 3/4" thick and they come with a slit and center hole which makes it easy to slip in your tip up. [more]

I Fish Pro Tip Up

A Revolutionary Ice Fishing Tip-Up that can be used for all species. Change Rods as you wish. You don't need to re-spool. No More Frozen and Tangled Line spread all over the ice. Great for Fishing in Shallow or Deep Water. Use it in your Fish House, the tip up sits securely over your catch-cover… [more]

Beaver Dam Tip-Up Flag Assembly

If you lose or damage your flag on your tip-up no worries, we have the tip-up replacement flags and rod assembly. [more]

Beaver Dam Wax Tip-Up Line

The tightly braided nylon construction makes the Beaver Dam Wax Tip-Up Line exceptionally strong and manageable while allowing for soft, supple handling. The synthetic wax coating minimizes moisture absorption while reducing abrasion, shock and freeze-up. You won't find a tip-up line with more… [more]

Woodstock Mag Quickset Rig

Works great with a tipup, bobber, dead sticking, bottom fishing and trolling.Anglers all over the world have been turning to this fish catching machine as part of their year round arsenal.The rig works great on muskie, pike and other species of gamefish both freshwater and saltwater. The nickel… [more]

Fire House Lighted Tip-Up
$99.99 - $124.99

Firehouse Lighted Canvas Tip-Ups are highly visible and feature a powerful LED light that can be seen up to a 1/2 mile in daylight or at night. The unique shape and features provide peace of mind for the safety of your tip-up when left out on the ice. These canvas tip-ups easily cover a 10-inch… [more]

Heritage Black Velcro Hook Holders

Set of 5 Heritage Hook Keepers, Black Velcro. [more]

I Fish Pro Slip Stop

Add extra slip stops to your iFish Pro Tip-Up. Slip stops allow you to jig line without moving tip-up. Per 5. [more]

HT Tip-Up Linemarkers

Used as a "marker" on the line, not as a float. With Linemarkers, it is easy to re-set your line after a fish bites. 1/2" diameter 100 per bag. [more]

Heritage Laker Standard

The Heritage ® Laker Tip-Up is constructed of sturdy hardwood. Its colorful finish makes it highly visible against the white snow and ice of your favorite hardwater fishing spot. This tip-up has a 3 in. spool that holds 100 yds. of 36 lb. line. It also has a stainless steel trip level, brass nuts… [more]

Lakco Tip-Up Line
$5.99 - $13.99
HT Polar Tip-Up
$16.99 - $19.99

Guaranteed not to freeze. Solid high impact guide for easy in/out line placement. V-shaped frame. [more]

HT Polar Pop-Up

Adjustable tension. Spool winder. Water brake. Spool lock. Rugged design. Freeze, wind and snow proof. [more]

HT Polar Ice Vinyl Tip-Up Line

Premium tip-up cold weather ice line. Low memory and low stretch. Maximum flexibility. Vinyl coated. [more]

HT Rod Bells With Light Stick Holder

Rod Bells With Light Stick Holder & Chemi-lightstick [more]

HT Telescopic Tip-Up Flag Extension

Easily seen when fishing in deep snow. Stands tall as a Tip-Up marker in the snow. Alerts snowmobilers and other vehicle operators to the presence of your tip-ups. It's interchangeable with All Polars, Polar II Tip-Ups and Polar Therms. [more]

HT Windlass Tip-Up

"JIGS" your bait with the slightest "action of the breeze" This tip-up will give a life-like jigging action to your bait drag feature on Spool for different tension settings V-shaped frame for easy removal from ice Tip-up "folds down" for easy storage and transport. [more]

Eagle Claw Ice Eagle Tip-Ups

Smooth multiple designed trip. Wind resistant and freeze proof. [more]

Clam Blue Ice Tip Up

L 18 x W 4.5 x 4.5 14 Flag shaft w/High Vis Green Flag Durable Polypropylene Base. Adjustable Shaft. Dual trip settings. High capacity spool. Higher quality hardware w/wingnut adjustments. Low Temp Lube for smooth operation. Molded in 16 inch ruler. [more]

Beaver Dam Beaver Grip

Keep your tip-ups and ice rods secure and untangled next time you venture onto the ice with Beaver Dam's Bucket Brackets. When mounted on a bucket rubber straps keep everything secure even when traveling over bumpy trails and ice on your ATV or snowmobile. Mountable in your ice house or garage for… [more]

HT Little Jigger 2-In-1 Tip Down

Works with traditional jig poles or combos. Strong durable base. Folds up or down for easy transport and storage. [more]

HT Blu-Lube Lubricant

Special anti-freeze lube for Tip-ups, reels and compound bow bearings. The lube remains soft in rels for fishing in late fall and cold weather, but remains in gears during hot summer days. Odorless. Comes in handy squeeze bottles. [more]

44 Results
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