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Ice Fishing Electronics Accessories

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Lowrance Iceducer Portable Mounts

0182-0536:Portable-mount, 20° ice fishing type (200 kHz). Includes power cable. Fits X67,X68 & FE320C. 0182-0537:Portable-mount, 20° ice fishing type (200 kHz).Fits blue plug units. [more]

Vexilar Digital Battery Status Indicator

Digital Battery Status Indicator not only shows you the power level of your battery, it also tells you if your battery is charging or discharging. The power level is displayed as large easy-to-read LCD numbers. The charge mode is displayed as an up or down arrow. Works with all 12-volt batteries.… [more]

Vexilar The Mag Shield

The Mag Shield is a magnifying lens that doubles as a face shield. It easily fits onto the face of any of the FL-8s or the FL-18. Your display will come alive when magnified. It makes the depth scale easier to read too. It's made of clear, durable, Lexan. [more]

Vexilar Xducer Float Stopper

The Vexilar Replacement Ice-Ducer Float Stopper is a replacement stopper for the Vexilar Ice-Ducer System floats. Each package contains two float stoppers. [more]

Vexilar Gimble Bracket Mount

For FL Series [more]

Vexilar Neoprene Screen Cover

Flasher Cover Neoprene cover will protect the flasher face during transport and storage.Fits FL-12, FL-20 & FL-22. [more]

Vexilar Drink Holder

A must for every thirsty angler. The Beverage Holder fits into the rod holder included with Vexilar Ultra Packs and the new Pro Pack II. Also works for holding bait containers and has holes around the edge to hang your jigs. [more]

Vexilar Accessories
$5.99 - $59.99

w/Stopper [more]

Vexilar Ultra Pack Carrying Case

Transducer holder fits all sizes of Vexilar transducers. -Ice ducer support eye bolt for an alternative to using the float. -Non slip bottom stays in place on the ice. -Fits all FL series gimbals flashers. Generic Dimensions: -12.25" H x 10.25" W x 10.25" D, 3.5 lbs. Dimensions: Overall Height -… [more]

Vexilar The Sportsman's & Fisherman's Battery & Charger Sets
$29.99 - $64.99

Rugged construction and design features that make it ideal for portable summer and winter use. Great for fly-in trips too. The supplied charger has a light that turns on when the battery is fully charged and it cannot be damaged by shorting or reverse connection. V-110 Fisherman's Set: 7 Amp/Hr… [more]

Vexilar Soft Pack For Genz Packs
$36.99 - $40.99

Vexilar Soft Packs are designed to be super tough and last for years. Ideal for transport and storage, the Soft Pack will protect your investment and keep your Vexilar ready for action. [more]

Vexilar Power Cords & Extension Cable
$16.99 - $36.99

Choose your power cord or extension cable. [more]

Vexilar Pro Pack Ll Carrying Case

Features start with an enlarged and super strong handle design as well as a totally new universal transducer holder system. You will find new features like a rod holder, tackle box and cable storage system. Although the New Pro Pack carrying case has a few more features, it still fits into a five… [more]

Marcum Wireless Camera Panner Fob

Wireless Camera Panner Key Fob (CP2FOB) by MarCum®. Replacement FOB for the Wireless Camera Panner (Part Number CP2). MarCum units are built tough for years of service, but once in awhile clumsy friends or dumb mistakes happen. MarCum offers original replacement parts to make sure your unit is… [more]

Marcum Wireless Camera Panner System

Wireless Camera Panner Kit (CP2) by MarCum®. Place the new Wireless Remote Camera Panner over an ice hole and with the push of a button scan a full panoramic 360 Degrees from up to 30 feet away. Fold in legs for compact travel and storage. No more wires and no more replacing batteries, internal… [more]

Marcum Universal Sonar Power Adapter

The Marcum Wi-Fi PanCam Systems and free Marcum Control App connects you, your smart phone or tablet and camera into one advanced, integrated system. From up to 300 feet away, you can remotely change camera direction, adjust lighting and even snap still images or record videos and instantly save… [more]

Aqua-Vu Led Underwater Flood Light

The Aqua-Vu Underwater Flood Light can be attached to most Aqua-Vu cameras (excluding the Micro Series & AV715), adding amazing viewing distance for low light and dark-water conditions. Waterproof to 120 Feet with up to 100,000 MCD Output. Requires 3 AAA Batteries (not included) [more]

Aqua-Vu Batteries, Chargers And Replacement Batteries
$35.99 - $79.99

1301-0029:12 volt 7 amp gel cell battery with 500-ma battery charger. Fits all Aqua-Vu units. 1301-2013: 12 Volt 7 amp gel cell battery fits all Aqua-Vu units. 1301-2021: 500 MA battery charger. Replacement Batteries: 1301-0094:12 Volt, 4.5 AH. 1301-0315: 12volt 9AMP Gel Battery.check description [more]

Aqua-Vu Remote Control Wireless Camera Positioner

The Motorized Ice Pod 3 holds your underwater camera stable at any depth, and allows you to rotate the camera with a wireless remote control to follow the action or locate your lure. It operates on 2 AA batteries (not included). [more]

Marcum RT9 Camera Module Kit

Sony Super HAD II, 1/3" CCD Sensor Color Camera with OSD (Relative Direction, Depth and Temp). Complete camera control with RT-9. Includes camera panner. [more]

Marcum RT-9 Sonar Module Open Water

Dual Beam 8/20 degree Open Water transducer/temp and Sonar Module allows connectivity to your RT-9 GPS for open water location, depth and water temp. [more]

Vexilar Fl Series Transom Mounting Kit

19 Degree High Speed Transducer Summer Kit For FL-8 and 18 Flashers. Includes transducer, flasher gimbal bracket, and power cable. Contains all the hardware you need to achieve a professional mounting job. Your choice of transducer style and beam angle. Complete instructions are also included.… [more]

Aqua-Vu XD Trolling Fin

Troll with Live Video on your Aqua-Vu. Attaches in Seconds [more]

Marcum Transducer Arm

Fits all flash and digital sonar series. [more]

Vexilar Genz "Blue Box"

Does not include unit. Fits almost any unit: flashers, LCDs, GPSs, and more. Semi-enclosed battery compartment fits standard size sealed lead-acid and gel cell batteries. Ice-Ducer support eye-bolt for an alternative to using the float. Designed to fit securely on top of a five gallon bucket for… [more]

Vexilar Ice-Ducers
$119.99 - $159.99

For winter fishing, it is critical your transducer is level to let you quickly see your bait and fish targets directly below. Each Ice-Ducer comes with a large slip-on float to suspend your transducer. Any Ice-Ducer will fit all FL series Vexilar flasher/fish finders. [more]

Humminbird Accessories
$54.99 - $114.99

0190-0699: Battery only. 0190-0700 includes charger. [more]

UPG Single Stage Battery Charger
$9.79 - $17.49

Single stage non-regulated lead acid battery charger. [more]

38 Results
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