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Winter Fishing

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Product Rating
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 (1 Review)
Lakco Rattle, Hinge Mount
$6.39 - $9.29

3 1/4" x 1 1/4" reel mounted on a 7" arm with a hinge. Can be fastened to a board or fish house wall. [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)
K&E Fairy Jigs
$6.59 - $21.48

Tear drop jig with metal wings. Painted front, metal back. [more]

Northland Rippin' Shad

The Northland Rippin' Shad Lipless Crankbait provides a whole new level of versatility over most lipless crankbaits on the market. Featuring a flat-head design for a tight wiggling action and an internally weighted rattle chamber that emits sonic vibrations, you can burn the Rippin' shad across… [more]

Berkley Trilene Cold Weather Line
$3.39 - $13.56

This improved formula is as flexible at 32°F as regular mono is at 70°Fufor low-memory, tangle- resistant performance. Available in electric blue color for maximum visibility against snow. [more]

Bay De Noc Do-Jiggers
$3.69 - $4.39

Flash More Fish with the "Do-Jigger®"! Our # 3 is great as a spin casting lure in summer for big trout, northern and bass, and the #1 as a casting or trolling lure for kokanee, jacks, smaller trout and bass. This polished metal spoon flashes in a lazy fluttering motion to wet the appetite of even… [more]

Berkley Bucket Ice Rod Holder

Berkley Classics Ice Rod Holders are a no hands solution to keeping your rod in place when on the ice. Powder-Coated Steel. Convenient Size Fits MOST Ice Rods. [more]

Jiffy Connection Kits

Kits includes all the Jiffy items most often lost or misplaced. [more]

Vexilar Xducer Float Stopper

The Vexilar Replacement Ice-Ducer Float Stopper is a replacement stopper for the Vexilar Ice-Ducer System floats. Each package contains two float stoppers. [more]

Vexilar Drink Holder

A must for every thirsty angler. The Beverage Holder fits into the rod holder included with Vexilar Ultra Packs and the new Pro Pack II. Also works for holding bait containers and has holes around the edge to hang your jigs. [more]

Vexilar Accessories
$5.99 - $59.99

w/Stopper [more]

Custom Jigs Slender Spoon
$3.29 - $3.79

Bent ultralight spoon offering incredible action and flashy attraction. It comes complete with a size 1 or 2 snap, which promotes fluid movement. [more]

Custom Jigs Chekai Tungsten Jigs
$2.49 - $3.49

Checkai (Check-Eye) - Available in 12 HOT colors combinations and 4 sizes, the Checkai jig is made from 100% TUNGSTEN, also utilizing Premium Owner hooks, so it falls quick and shows up big on locators. You will get a ton of action from this compact jig that is a great choice for all Panfish… [more]

VMC Tungsten Tubby Jig
$5.69 - $6.19

VMC Tungsten Tubby Jigs are super fast dropping jigs constructed of heavy duty tungsten which offers the same weight as traditional lead at half the size jig head. These jigs are precision balanced with a 90 degree hook eye to keep your jig in the perfect horizontal position at all times. The VMC… [more]

Custom Jigs Majmun Tungsten Jig

Majm?n (pron. my-moon) Available in 10 colors and 4 sizes, the Majm?n has superb hooking power thanks to the high-quality Owner® hook, an unobstructed hook gap, and the jig's slightly off-the-horizontal-axis orientation. [more]

Custom Jigs Pro Glow Slinder Spoon

A haunting red for Lake of the Woods and bright blue for the Dakotas! And that's just scratching the icy surface. New for 2016 are eight ultra-bright and long-lasting Pro-Glow patterns with high-end UV coating in the Pro Series Slender Spoon family and in all four sizes from the tiny 1/16th to 1/8… [more]

Lindy Quiver Spoon

Lindy Quiver Spoons offer tantalizing flash and generate amazing swimming action that is irresistible to a variety of gamefish such as walleye, crappie, trout, and pike. The unique shape and tin alloy construction gives the spoon a trembling movement as it falls, providing an extremely enticing… [more]

Eagle Claw Tip-Up Line Marker

Line marker tip-up. Ideal for marking your line. Helps maintain depth on tip ups. Can be used as bobbers. [more]

Northland Puppet Minnow

The most versatile and lethal jigging lure ever designed for vertical jigging below a boat or thru an ice hole. Tie one on and hang on. Lip-stick wide angle hooks. Allows anglers to change actions in seconds. Durable tail fin provides lifelike horizontal swimming action. Holographic bait-fish-image… [more]

Northland Bionic Ice Braid

A high quality no stretch superline utilizing innovative 4-carrier Balanced Braid Technology?. Constructed with micro-sized deniers of PE fibers, it pro- vides anglers with a rounder, limper and tougher braid. Coated with a low friction anti-freeze skin, this braid resists freezing and stays limp… [more]

Berkley Powerbait Ice Mite

Mimics the common and abundant zooplankton forage. Features appendages and legs with a natural subtle action. Fish simply can't resist the Mite. [more]

Berkley Powerbait Ice Mayfly

Small appendages for life-like movement. Imitates natural panfish prey. Designed for a horizontal presentation. Small enough for picky panfish yet large enough for perch and crappie. [more]

Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon
$5.89 - $6.69

The Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoon is deadly year-round for vertical jigging perch, walleye, trout, bass and pike. Jig aggressively in a lift-fall manner to call fish from a wide radius and make them strike. Tip with a minnow head, waxworms or IMPULSE Minnow Head and Perch Eye. Planet's hottest minnow… [more]

Northland Hot Spot Depthfinders

Molded from lead & popular for quickly finding the bottom to set bobber stops and bobbers to the exact depth. The fluorescent weights are highly visible & feature our popular snap-on weight clips for quick & easy on/off use. [more]

Berkley Gulp Fish Fry

Berkley Gulp! Ice! outfishes live bait in head to head field tests, truly making Gulp! Ice the next generation in soft bait. The extreme scent dispersion expands the strike zone by 400 times, which draws in even the wariest of fish. Stop messing around with the hassles of live bait and those other… [more]

Berkley Gulp Minnow

Gulp! has 400 times more scent dispersion than ordinary plastic bait. The extreme scent dispersion greatly expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Even more impressive, the natural formula outfishes live bait in head to head field tests. Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation… [more]

13 Fishing Doug
$5.69 - $6.59

13 Fishing Doug Superior Tungsten Jigs are made with high-density tungsten, which is heavier and can sink faster to the perfect depth. These jigs are outfitted with a premium 2X black nickel uppercut hook which delivers an improved top-of-the-mouth hookup ratio. These jigs are available in a… [more]

13 Fishing Sled Head
$5.69 - $6.59

13 Fishing Tungsten Ice Jigs are crafted with high density Tungsten for ultimate sensitivity. A unique uppercut hook delivers improved top-of-mouth hookup ratio which is crafted out of premium nickel. Available in a wide selection of super glow and premium UV finishes. [more]

Woodstock Rigs

The tip-up-ready Woodstock EZ Tip-Up Rig encourages timid fish to take a bite. Leader material is made of slim, near-invisible 20-lb.-test seven-strand camo wire for the strength and durability to handle hard-fighting fish and ultrasharp teeth. Swivel prevents line twists while your bait… [more]

Woodstock Adjustable Quickset Rig

Woostock Quick-Set rigs are designed to keep bait perfectly horizontal- doubling your odds of a good hook set. 20 lb, stainless braided wire, barrel swivel to prevent twisting, a Treble Hook with a tiny spinner blade (to attract attention), and a single red Bait holder hook. Use the single hook in… [more]

383 Results
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