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Winter Fishing

Frabill Ice Hunter Pro Combo
The shorter length allows for hooksets inside a portable shelter and the medium action works great for hunting the monster walleye in Door County, Wisconsin. Solid graphite blank for superior sensitivity . Stainless steel ice guides to prevent freeze up. Tapered cork handles. Convenient hook keeper Reel Features. 3 +1 ball-bearing reel. Infinite anti-reverse. Machined aluminum spool. Deluxe quick fold handle.
VMC Tungsten Luv Bug Jig
$7.39 - $7.69
Fish fall head over heels for this new heart breaker. Life-like grub body with a thin profiled heart-shaped tail that shakes and waves as it drops in fast with VMC ® tungsten jig head. Proven fish-catching colors and the enhanced ultra glow pigments.
VMC Tungsten Nymph Jig
$7.39 - $7.69
VMC's Tungsten Numph Jig features a bold, micro profile and heavy-duty, fast-dropping tungsten construction that quickly delivers your realistic presentation to the strike zone. Pre-rigged with Trigger X® Nymph soft baits that attract fish with lifelike taste and texture. Exclusive VMC Power Gap hook increases your hookup percentage via its wide round gap. Glows for up to 15 minutes below the surface
Rapala Pinch Tool Combo
Pinch Tool Combo stainless steel nipper, split ring tool, and jig eye buster.
Rapala Pinch Tool Combo w/ Light
Pinch Tool Combo with Light stainless steel nipper, jig eye buster, and LED UV light on lanyard.
Clam Dave Genz Power Stick Series Combo
The Dave Genz Power Stick Series has received numerous tweaks and adjustments since it conception. The fish don't' stop moving and neither do we with designing and producing top quality products. This year's Powerstick includes a sensitive graphite rod with lightweight wire frame guides. Combining this with the Powerstick reel and big fish don't stand a chance.
VMC Tungsten Probe Jig
$7.39 - $7.69
A dead ringer for small fry and minnows, the Probe body matched with tungsten jig head fishes with a subtle tail action fish find irresistible. The slightest line movement and it kicks into action. Traditional colors and ultra glow colors.
Marcum Recon 5 Underwater
Small in size, but big with features, the Recon 5 is packed with all the technology that keep MarCum® electronics the angler's first choice. Lithium battery-powered underwater viewing system complete with a powerful camera and a screen about the size of a smartphone with up to six hours of continuous run-time. The underwater camera features a 1/3 CMOS sensor, darkwater LED or infrared lighting, a 110-degree field of view and a 50-foot cord.
Clam Hard Sided Rod Locker
Like any professional, the tools of the trade are important. After a long ride to your favorite fishing spot pull out that rod and reel combo with confidence knowing it is just how you set it in there. The NEW Hard Sided Rod Locker is designed and expected to provide top notch protection of your ice fishing tools. Thoroughly tested and Ice Team's stamp of approval is all Clam needed to bring this model to market.
Clam Rod Rocker 2
Now you can fish and not worry about losing your extra ice fishing rod down the hole or stepping on it! The NEW Clam Rod Rocker II provides just that and then some. Constructed of solid steel with rubber coating on top. Super simple to store, transport and use!
VMC Tungsten Wax Tail Jig
$7.39 - $7.69
Pre-rigged withTrigger X®Wax Tail softbait combined withheavy-duty Tungstenfor super-fast dropspeed delivers yourpresentation to thestrike zones faster andwith greater efficiency.The exclusive VMC®Power Gap hookdelivers a wider roundgap compared to othercompetitive micro jigsgreatly increasing yourhook rate percentage.The precision balanceis amplified by a 90°hook eye which ensuresthe optimal horizontalposition and maintainsthe perfect strike angle!Choose natural or UltraGlow colors for up to15 minutes of charge!
Clam Dave Genz Legacy Hat
There is only one thing that can make a distressed trucker hat even cooler the signature of the Godfather of ice fishing, Dave Genz. This Legacy hat is for sure to be a popular one this season with is super soft mesh and with the branding of man who started it all.
Clam Drop Spoon
The Drop Spoon is the ultimate ice fishing mini lure for catching the biggest perch or panfish in the school. Built from tungsten it's small, compact & concise with a #14 epoxy treble and a Swarovski gem to fool active and upward feeding fish. Drops like a bomb to fish fast and hole hop to find active fish. Pound, pound, pound out the cadence and wait for the strike! Tip it with some meat and watch those fish chow
Clam Dropper Spoon
The Dropper Spoon is the premium mini ice fishing lure for catching the biggest panfish in the school. Built from tungsten it's small, compact & concise with a dropper chain, a #14 epoxy treble and Swarovski gem to fool actively and upward feeding fish. Drops like a bomb to fish fast and helps anglers quickly hole hop to find active fish.
Clam Frost Ice Premium Fluorocarbon
$7.99 - $10.49
This low-memory line is manufactured especially for cold weather where it won't lose strength or suppleness, even in extreme temperatures. With a straighter off-the-spool feed, Frost Ice Premium Line has less coil and line memory, resulting in greater sensitivity and more felt bites. Metered line features: High visibility chartreuse above the hole with clear fluorocarbon sections metered in for stealthy presentation below the ice. 50 yards per spool.
Clam Frost Ice Premium Mono
$8.29 - $10.99
Frost Ice Premium Line is Japanese-made to the strictest of tolerances, using the highest quality raw materials available. With a straighter off-the-spool feed, Frost Ice Premium line has less coil. And a moderate amount of line stretch offers a perfect balance of a strong hook set with great bite detection while offering forgiveness for head shakes below the hole. Metered line features: High visibility orange above the hole with clear monofilament sections metered in for stealthy presentation below the ice. 110 yards per spool.
Clam Jason Mitchell Meat Stick Combo
Whether you've got tons of space or a close-quarter ice TMfishing shelter, the Meat Stick delivers top-end performance that brings in fish by the pail-full! Sanded glass rods feature a feather-light tip that loads to an extremely heavy backbone. Super-effective when you're after perch, sunfish or crappie, and is balanced to telegraph the lightest bites, eliminating the need for a spring bobber. Match yours up with a spinning reel to make it a combo buy!
Clam Pom Hat
One size fits most. 100% acrylic. Chunky-knit construction with large, multi-colored pom. Clam embroidered logo patch on front.
Ice Armor Utility Glove
A non-waterproof version of the tactical glove, the IceArmor by Clam Utility Glove is a high-performance work glove that offers the ultimate in hand protection for mild days. This work glove provides the protection as well as dexterity you need for all season tasks, whether it's work or recreation. Reinforced palm and fingertips mean the Clam Utility Glove will stand up to the task at hand, and provide lasting protection.
Ice Armor Women's Gloves
Made with the same insulation as our Extreme gloves, these are tailored specifically for a woman's hand. Your hands will stay warm, dry and comfortable in the toughest of conditions.
Marcum M5 Flasher System
True Color Patented MBC Brushless Lighting. 2500 Watts Peak to Peak power. 20° ice transducer with 8ft of cable. Down to 3/4" target separation. Patented 12 step Interference Rejection. Selectable depth ranges 20', 40', 80', 160'. Lithium Combo includes shuttle, 12-v 12 amp Hour Lithium Ion polymer battery, 3-amp hour charger, dual rod holders, Dual USB power ports, Battery Status Indicator, 5 gallon transit bucket. 2 Year system warranty. 1 Year warranty on Shuttle/Battery.
Marcum Universal Sonar Power Adapter
The Marcum Wi-Fi PanCam Systems and free Marcum Control App connects you, your smart phone or tablet and camera into one advanced, integrated system. From up to 300 feet away, you can remotely change camera direction, adjust lighting and even snap still images or record videos and instantly save them to your photo or video library.
Ice Armor Ascent Float Parka
The IceArmor? Ascent? parka is more than just a cold weather parka. The Ascent? parka includes an internal buoyancy assist lining that provides added buoyancy compared to our other parkas. Specially designed to provide floatation assist and breathability through the floatation material. The most breathable, comfortable, buoyant suit on the market.
VMC Wax Tail Jig
Live Bait no longer needed! The ready-to-fish VMC® Wax Tail Jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X® Wax Tail soft bait (alsosold separately). The innovative Trigger X® material attracts fish and maximizes taste and texture to ensure when fish bite they hold on tight! The exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook delivers a wider round gap compared to other competitive micro jigs in equal sizes greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. The precision balance is amplified by a 90 degree hook eye which ensures precision balance is amplified by a 90 degree hook eye which ensures the optimal horizontal position and maintains the perfect strike angle! Ultra Glow pigments for up to 15 minutes per charge.
VMC Pug Bug Jig Kit
The exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook delivers a wider round gap compared to other competitive micro jigs in equal sizes greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. The Pug Bug body design of a flatter and wider profile also enhances the sonar echo return making it easier for the angler to target the desired depth. The precision balance is amplified by a 90 degree hook eye which ensures the optimal horizontal position maintaining a perfect strike angle! 6 per pack.
Clam Maki Mino
The Mino is hand poured and incredibly soft, balanced perfectly so the tail never rests even when you hold the jig still. It pulses and flows in the water like the real thing, even though it's small and matches up perfectly with Drop jigs, Blade Spoons, Blade Jigs, Bomb Spoons, or whatever you attach it to. If you've wanted a minnow-shaped plastic in a 1" size, the Mino is yours.