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Winter Fishing

Jiffy Tune-Up Kits
Includes: Jiffy? 2 Cycle Smokeless Oil with Fuel Stabilizer, Jiffy 2500 & 3500 Series and 2HP or 3HP Tecumseh engine. Spark Plug for all Tecumseh? engines and spark plug wrench.
Marcum Showdown Troller Combo
5-inch Vertical LCD Display. Automatic bottom lock zoom in selectable 5'& 10' windows. 20-degree Transducer with 6' cable. Up to 4,000-watts Peak-to-Peak Power. 2-inch Target Separation .120-foot Range with Auto Depth Scale function. 25 Sensitivity settings. 10 IR (noise) settings. 12-volt or 6 AA Power capabilities w/battery status indicator. Runs 20 hours continuous on 6 AA (not included). Daylight Viewable Backlit Display Ice-Mode activates Internal Heater to aid LCD in extreme conditions.
Clam Bomb Spoons
Epoxy-adorned treble hook shimmies and the whole package is compact, so fish get it in on the first try. Cover water, fish efficiently, fish fast, with this original Genz design. Shows up well on flashers, even in low power mode, so you can see it in the weeds.
Berkley Bottom Finders
Packed 100 No Break.
Clam Time Bomb Spoons
$5.69 - $5.99
Clam Time Bomb Spoons are fast dropping baits that have an exclusive clicking and ticking sound that mimics wounded prey moving along the water's bottom. Combine this with the amazing array of attractants that these spoons offer and you have an unstoppable lure that no fish can resist. Clam Time Bomb Spoons combine a Tiger bar pattern with an attractive color scheme, a Swarouski gem eye, and a glowing epoxy treble hook to make these lures the most lethal ones in the water this ice fishing season.
Clam Blade Spoons
Cover a swath of horizontal territory with the water slicing, random fluttering Blade Spoon. The secret is the flat rhombic triangle front - slices through the water on the upward snap, then contributes to an incredibly realistic, dying baitfish flutter as you let it free-fall on slack line. No way to keep it in the cone angle until it settles back.
Ice Armor Edge Gloves
Available in size small to 2XL. Made with windproof, waterproof and breathable material. Fitted and flexible. Fully insulated
Vexilar Pro Pack Ll Carrying Case
Features start with an enlarged and super strong handle design as well as a totally new universal transducer holder system. You will find new features like a rod holder, tackle box and cable storage system. Although the New Pro Pack carrying case has a few more features, it still fits into a five gallon bucket like its predecessor for easy transport. It will also hold all of VexilarOs after-market accessories. With the Pro Pack II carrying case you can also purchase a newly customized Soft Pack carrying case to help protect your investment.
Due North Everyday Pro Traction Aids
Ideal for the expert or novice runner who needs additional traction on ice and snow. Featuring an enhanced design and improved shape, the Everyday Pro will give you extra confidence when running or training in icy and snowy conditions. The Everyday Pro's webbed sole design and newly designed deep toe-box provides a secure fit and adapts to the shape of almost any style of shoe or boot in your closet. The increased traction will help prevent slips and falls on ice and snow, which will help reduce the risk of pulled muscles, fractured bones or even back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag, briefcase or the glove box in your vehicle.
Eagle Claw Adjustable Bucket Rod Holder
Bucket Rod Holder, coated to avoid corrosion and easy handling. Easy to use.
K&E Spring Bobbers
Made with high grade tuning wire, this bobber will detect the slightest movement. Packaged with shrink tube, glow tip. 2 per pack.
Strikemaster Spark Plugs
For 2 or 3 horsepower engines.
K&E Moon Shad-O
A great new "Natural" look to this moon jig. Painted to imitate an injured minnow.
Vexilar Sonarphone
$119.99 - $179.95
SonarPhone turns your smart phone or tablet into a fully functional sonar system that will rival any high end sonar on the market today. Using Patented WiFi signal technology to transmit to smart phones or tablets. You don't need cell phone coverage to use it, the SonarPhone will work anywhere in the world. The SonarPhone creates its own WiFi hotspot and you can share your signal with as many people as you wish, the software App is downloaded for free from the App store and works with both Android and IOS systems.
Strikemaster Tune-Up Kits
6018-0121: Honda? 35cc Lite 4-Stroke Tune Up Kit. 6018-0122: CJ8Y Spark Plug) Fits StrikeMaster® Solo® Magnum, Lazer? Mag, Lazer? Pro,StrikeMaster® Tecumseh (TC) Mag III,Mag 2000 and Lazer? Mag Express.
Beaver Dam Tip-Ups Accessory Hook
Beaver Dam Tip-ups hook holder is added to the base of the flag rod to keep your leader in straight and your hook in a safe place when not in use. Comes as a 3 pack. Height: 3 1/2" Width: 1/2" Weight:0 Lb(s) 2 Oz.
Double H Universal Rod Holder
The Universal Rod Holder is aptly named due to its many uses clip onto the edge of any bucket, or snap into one of the many available slots on the Tip Up Locker? for storage of your ice fishing rods. Or, mount to any portable ice shack frame to hold your extra poles!
HT Glow Jig Charger
Great for recharging items that glow such as glow jigs. Extra bright LED system. Great for a quick or emergency light source.
HT Deluxe Ice Rod Rack
Allows four racks per four foot modular.
HT All-Season Micro-Lite
Designed for use on any Tip-up. Comes equipped with a micro sensitive, switch for easy line release. Comes with lite and two standard 1.5V batteries (hearing aid, 312, or 392, or equivalent).
HT Rattle Reel
Comes with bracket and two screws for easy mounting to wall or handle. Features a positive "drag" for easy setting of line tension. Reel "rattles" when turned to signal when fish strikes.
HT Polar Eskimo Mitts
2 part hand warmers are a type of thermo glove that offers the warmest and driest hand protection available for cold winter days. The outer shell is textured and waterproof for comfort and easy grasping. Liners included. Black.
HT Shelter Light
Super bight, lightweight 3-way LED shelter lighting system. 51/4" diameter. Great for charging glow lures. Works with 4"AA" batteries.
HT Tip-Up Tube Carrying Case
Super tough tube material. Works for most tip-ups. Keeps lines from tangling. Carry strap for easy transport. Great for off-season storage. For up to 25" long tip-ups.
HT Polar Ice Braided Line
This strong braided nylon line has low memory and low stretch qualities.
HT Power Ice Rod Holder
10" Screw Down
HT Iceman Series
Graphite composite rods with black colored blank. Hand-tied guides with yellow wraps.
HT Marmooska
Bumble Bee shaped body with black eyes on both sides. Glow-in-the-Dark!
K&E Dot Comet
Small oval blade hand soldered to a size 10 hook.
Marcum Showdown Troller Digital Fish Finder
5-inch Vertical LCD Display. 20-degree Transducer with 6' cable. Up to 4,000-watts Peak-to-Peak Power. 2-inch Target Separation. 120-foot Range with Auto Depth Scale function. 25 Sensitivity settings. 10 IR (noise) settings. 12-volt or 6 AA Power capabilities. Runs 20 hours continuous on 6AA (not included). Daylight Viewable Backlit Display. Ice-Mode activates Internal Heater to aid LCD in extreme conditions. Made in the USA. 12-volt Performance Pack Accessory sold separately.