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Ice chisels

Lakco Deluxe Ice Chisel
$40.99 - $49.99
2289-0556: 3/4" Solid steel handle with rope clip on the end. 1-1/2" wide steel blade with guard. weighs 7 lbs., length: 54". 2289-0558: Solid steel lower shaft and tubed steel upper handle. 1 1/2'' tempered steel blade with guard. Safety cord loop. Length 35''-62''. Weighs only 8 1/2 lbs.
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The Economy Chisel has a single-action head design that allows you to chip more with fewer strokes. Its proper balance of weight to length ratio delivers efficient chiseling with maximum impact with every strike. Complete with a fully welded steel design for long-lasting durability, the Economy Chisel will get the job done.
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