Aftco Gold Series Bait Nets

Aftco Gold Series Bait Nets
  • Model | Options: NET1810GLD | No No No No
  • Model | Options: NET188GLD | 18
$22.00 - $28.00


The low-visibility monofilament mesh is designed for hard to catch baits such as goggle eye and blue runners while the woven polyester net material is a commercial-grade, knotless, bait-friendly mesh that is designed to last for many seasons of heavy-duty use. The polyester mesh is the perfect choice for more delicate baits such as anchovies, menhaden and sardines. The shape allows for easy capture of the liveliest of baits. All edges and corners are covered by a PVC net coil to minimize damage to live baits. Gold anodized aluminum handles with black grips.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
NET1210GLD / No No No No 054683081214 NET1210GLD
NET1810GLD / No No No No 054683081818 NET1810GLD
NET188GLD / 18" ALUM HDLE 8" HOOP 054683081887 NET188GLD
NET2410GLD / No No No No 054683082419 NET2410GLD