Atsko Zero UV Killer

Atsko Zero UV Killer
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U-V-Killer ZERO UV blocks ultraviolet reflection and luminescence. For all fabric, camouflage, and blaze orange. One bottle will treat two sets of hunting clothes. U-V-Killer ZERO UV has changed how hunters think about camouflage. It has been proven that animals and birds have sensitivity to ultraviolet light and the 438nm short-blue wavelengths that humans are blind to. U-V-Killer ZERO UV absorbs U-V wavelengths and thereby eliminates the blue glow caused by fabric dyes and detergents that contain U-V brighteners. U-V Killer ZERO UV eliminates the brighteners from your camouflage making your camouflage almost invisible to the keen eyes of deer and other game.

Part Numbers

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1341Z / No No No No 074928134109 1341Z