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Bullet Pop

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Berkley Bullet Pop

Crafted to deliver exciting top water action, the Berkley® Bullet Pop combines versatility and proven popper action. It's sleek tail weighted design provides excellent casting performance while the tapered back provides a flat surface for added flash. Not only does the Bullet Pop's cupped mouth deliver a classic spit and surface swell but its unique balance allows anglers of all skill levels to easily walk it with near 180 degree turns with minimal movement. The Berkley® Bullet Pop is ideal for both covering open water and targeting cover.



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Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
BHBBP60-BBB / No Yes Yes No 028632298688 BHBBP60-BBB BRS-4842-2961
BHBBP60-BKCH / No Yes Yes No 028632298657 BHBBP60-BKCH BRS-4842-2962
BHBBP60-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632298589 BHBBP60-BNE BRS-4842-2963
BHBBP60-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632298602 BHBBP60-CJS BRS-4842-2964
BHBBP60-DAN / No Yes Yes No 028632298640 BHBBP60-DAN BRS-4842-2965
BHBBP60-GHBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298701 BHBBP60-GHBG BRS-4842-2966
BHBBP60-GHW / No Yes Yes No 028632298619 BHBBP60-GHW BRS-4842-2967
BHBBP60-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298695 BHBBP60-MFBG BRS-4842-2969
BHBBP60-MFF / No Yes Yes No 028632298671 BHBBP60-MFF BRS-4842-2970
BHBBP60-MFS / No Yes Yes No 028632298626 BHBBP60-MFS BRS-4842-2971
BHBBP60-OGB / No Yes Yes No 028632298664 BHBBP60-OGB BRS-4842-2972
BHBBP60-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632298596 BHBBP60-PGH BRS-4842-2973
BHBBP60-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632298633 BHBBP60-SXB BRS-4842-2974
BHBBP70-BBB / No Yes Yes No 028632298824 BHBBP70-BBB BRS-4842-2975
BHBBP70-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632298725 BHBBP70-BNE BRS-4842-2977
BHBBP70-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632298749 BHBBP70-CJS BRS-4842-2978
BHBBP70-DAN / No Yes Yes No 028632298787 BHBBP70-DAN BRS-4842-2979
BHBBP70-GHBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298848 BHBBP70-GHBG BRS-4842-2980
BHBBP70-GHW / No Yes Yes No 028632298756 BHBBP70-GHW BRS-4842-2981
BHBBP70-MAV / No Yes Yes No 028632298855 BHBBP70-MAV BRS-4842-2982
BHBBP70-MFF / No Yes Yes No 028632298817 BHBBP70-MFF BRS-4842-2984
BHBBP70-MFS / No Yes Yes No 028632298763 BHBBP70-MFS BRS-4842-2985
BHBBP70-OGB / No Yes Yes No 028632298800 BHBBP70-OGB BRS-4842-2986
BHBBP70-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632298732 BHBBP70-PGH BRS-4842-2987
BHBBP70-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632298770 BHBBP70-SXB BRS-4842-2988
BHBBP80-BBB / No Yes Yes No 028632298961 BHBBP80-BBB BRS-4842-2989
BHBBP80-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632298862 BHBBP80-BNE BRS-4842-2991
BHBBP80-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632298886 BHBBP80-CJS BRS-4842-2992
BHBBP80-DAN / No Yes Yes No 028632298923 BHBBP80-DAN BRS-4842-2993
BHBBP80-GHBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298985 BHBBP80-GHBG BRS-4842-2994
BHBBP80-GHW / No Yes Yes No 028632298893 BHBBP80-GHW BRS-4842-2995
BHBBP80-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298978 BHBBP80-MFBG BRS-4842-2997
BHBBP80-MFF / No Yes Yes No 028632298954 BHBBP80-MFF BRS-4842-2998
BHBBP80-MFS / No Yes Yes No 028632298909 BHBBP80-MFS BRS-4842-2999
BHBBP80-OGB / No Yes Yes No 028632298947 BHBBP80-OGB BRS-4842-3000
BHBBP80-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632298879 BHBBP80-PGH BRS-4842-3001
BHBBP80-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632298916 BHBBP80-SXB BRS-4842-3002