Berkley Drift Walker

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Ideal for finesse top water presentations, the Berkley® Drift Walker features a slim hydrodynamic profile and a long walking stride for those slick calm days. The tail weighted design provides long casts while the subtle clicking sound draws fish in from a distance. Complete with three sharp Fusion19? hooks, the Berkley® Drift Walker will stick even the slightest top water strikes.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BHBDW110-BBUL / No Yes Yes No 028632298466 BHBDW110-BBUL
BHBDW110-BKCH / No Yes Yes No 028632298459 BHBDW110-BKCH
BHBDW110-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632298381 BHBDW110-BNE
BHBDW110-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632298404 BHBDW110-CJS
BHBDW110-GHW / No Yes Yes No 028632298428 BHBDW110-GHW
BHBDW110-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298473 BHBDW110-MFBG
BHBDW110-MFS / No Yes Yes No 028632298435 BHBDW110-MFS
BHBDW110-OLS / No Yes Yes No 028632298411 BHBDW110-OLS
BHBDW110-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632298398 BHBDW110-PGH
BHBDW110-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632298442 BHBDW110-SXB