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Flicker Shad Jointed

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Berkley Flicker Shad Jointed

Berkley® Flicker Shad® performance with an even more exaggerated action. The Flicker Shad® jointed models feature a jointed tail for added tail wag resulting in the most side flash and roll out of any Flicker Shad®. Each bait is individually tank tested ensuring this proven all-purpose trolling bait works right out of the package.



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Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
FFSH5J-BLUSM / No Yes Yes No 028632288641 FFSH5J-BLUSM BRS-4842-3295
FFSH5J-BSV / No Yes Yes No 028632288580 FFSH5J-BSV BRS-4842-3294
FFSH5J-CPR / No Yes Yes No 028632288603 FFSH5J-CPR BRS-4842-3296
FFSH5J-FLGD / No Yes Yes No 028632288672 FFSH5J-FLGD BRS-4842-3298
FFSH5J-FT / No Yes Yes No 028632288610 FFSH5J-FT BRS-4842-3297
FFSH5J-FTATF / No Yes Yes No 028632289051 FFSH5J-FTATF BRS-4842-3306
FFSH5J-FTBC / No Yes Yes No 028632289006 FFSH5J-FTBC BRS-4842-3310
FFSH5J-FTCC / No Yes Yes No 028632289044 FFSH5J-FTCC BRS-4842-3307
FFSH5J-FTFT / No Yes Yes No 028632288993 FFSH5J-FTFT BRS-4842-3311
FFSH5J-FTGG / No Yes Yes No 028632289037 FFSH5J-FTGG BRS-4842-3308
FFSH5J-FTHP / No Yes Yes No 028632288986 FFSH5J-FTHP BRS-4842-3309
FFSH5J-FTRS / No Yes Yes No 028632289020 FFSH5J-FTRS BRS-4842-3313
FFSH5J-FTRTA / No Yes Yes No 028632289013 FFSH5J-FTRTA BRS-4842-3312
FFSH5J-KGF / No Yes Yes No 028632288665 FFSH5J-KGF BRS-4842-3299
FFSH5J-PT / No Yes Yes No 028632288627 FFSH5J-PT BRS-4842-3301
FFSH5J-PW / No Yes Yes No 028632288634 FFSH5J-PW BRS-4842-3300
FFSH5J-RCS / No Yes Yes No 028632288597 FFSH5J-RCS BRS-4842-3302
FFSH5J-RT / No Yes Yes No 028632288696 FFSH5J-RT BRS-4842-3303
FFSH5J-SLAW / No Yes Yes No 028632288832 FFSH5J-SLAW BRS-4842-3314
FFSH5J-SLBA / No Yes Yes No 028632288863 FFSH5J-SLBA BRS-4842-3316
FFSH5J-SLBP / No Yes Yes No 028632288894 FFSH5J-SLBP BRS-4842-3315
FFSH5J-SLFT / No Yes Yes No 028632288825 FFSH5J-SLFT BRS-4842-3317
FFSH5J-SLGA / No Yes Yes No 028632288849 FFSH5J-SLGA BRS-4842-3318
FFSH5J-SLMS / No Yes Yes No 028632288856 FFSH5J-SLMS BRS-4842-3319
FFSH5J-SLPB / No Yes Yes No 028632288870 FFSH5J-SLPB BRS-4842-3320
FFSH5J-SLSM / No Yes Yes No 028632288887 FFSH5J-SLSM BRS-4842-3321
FFSH5J-SPR / No Yes Yes No 028632288658 FFSH5J-SPR BRS-4842-3304
FFSH7J-BLUSM / No Yes Yes No 028632288764 FFSH7J-BLUSM BRS-4842-3323
FFSH7J-BSV / No Yes Yes No 028632288702 FFSH7J-BSV BRS-4842-3322
FFSH7J-CPR / No Yes Yes No 028632288726 FFSH7J-CPR BRS-4842-3324
FFSH7J-FLGD / No Yes Yes No 028632288795 FFSH7J-FLGD BRS-4842-3326
FFSH7J-FT / No Yes Yes No 028632288733 FFSH7J-FT BRS-4842-3325
FFSH7J-FTBC / No Yes Yes No 028632289082 FFSH7J-FTBC BRS-4842-3338
FFSH7J-FTCC / No Yes Yes No 028632289129 FFSH7J-FTCC BRS-4842-3335
FFSH7J-FTFT / No Yes Yes No 028632289075 FFSH7J-FTFT BRS-4842-3339
FFSH7J-FTGG / No Yes Yes No 028632289112 FFSH7J-FTGG BRS-4842-3336
FFSH7J-FTRS / No Yes Yes No 028632289105 FFSH7J-FTRS BRS-4842-3341
FFSH7J-FTRTA / No Yes Yes No 028632289099 FFSH7J-FTRTA BRS-4842-3340
FFSH7J-KGF / No Yes Yes No 028632288788 FFSH7J-KGF BRS-4842-3327
FFSH7J-PT / No Yes Yes No 028632288740 FFSH7J-PT BRS-4842-3329
FFSH7J-PW / No Yes Yes No 028632288757 FFSH7J-PW BRS-4842-3328
FFSH7J-RCS / No Yes Yes No 028632288719 FFSH7J-RCS BRS-4842-3330
FFSH7J-RT / No Yes Yes No 028632288818 FFSH7J-RT BRS-4842-3331
FFSH7J-SLAW / No Yes Yes No 028632288917 FFSH7J-SLAW BRS-4842-3342
FFSH7J-SLBA / No Yes Yes No 028632288948 FFSH7J-SLBA BRS-4842-3344
FFSH7J-SLBP / No Yes Yes No 028632288979 FFSH7J-SLBP BRS-4842-3343
FFSH7J-SLFT / No Yes Yes No 028632288900 FFSH7J-SLFT BRS-4842-3345
FFSH7J-SLGA / No Yes Yes No 028632288924 FFSH7J-SLGA BRS-4842-3346
FFSH7J-SLMS / No Yes Yes No 028632288931 FFSH7J-SLMS BRS-4842-3347
FFSH7J-SLPB / No Yes Yes No 028632288955 FFSH7J-SLPB BRS-4842-3348
FFSH7J-SLSM / No Yes Yes No 028632288962 FFSH7J-SLSM BRS-4842-3349
FFSH7J-SPR / No Yes Yes No 028632288771 FFSH7J-SPR BRS-4842-3332