Berkley Fusion19 Feathered Trebles

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Berkley Fusion19 hooks are targeted to everyone, from the novice to the avid angler. The Treble Hook is an instrumental hook design used in a wide variety of angling methods. Each front of every package provides bait recommendations.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
FSN19FTR1X2-WC / No Yes Yes No 028632290941 FSN19FTR1X2-WC
FSN19FTR1X2-WH / No Yes Yes No 028632290934 FSN19FTR1X2-WH
FSN19FTR1X4-WC / No Yes Yes No 028632290927 FSN19FTR1X4-WC
FSN19FTR1X4-WH / No Yes Yes No 028632290910 FSN19FTR1X4-WH
FSN19FTR1X6-WC / No Yes Yes No 028632290903 FSN19FTR1X6-WC
FSN19FTR1X6-WH / No Yes Yes No 028632290897 FSN19FTR1X6-WH