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Powerbait Bottom Hopper

$4.29 - $5.39
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Berkley Powerbait Bottom Hopper

The ever-popular pro design has been taken to the next level. Uniquely designed tail for improved action. Ideal for jig heads, Carolina rigs, and wacky worming.



by PowerReviews
Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
PBBBH4-BEM / No Yes Yes No 028632278468 PBBBH4-BEM BRS-4842-3876
PBBBH4-BGM / No Yes Yes No 028632278475 PBBBH4-BGM BRS-4842-3877
PBBBH4-BL / No Yes Yes No 028632278451 PBBBH4-BL BRS-4842-3875
PBBBH4-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632278482 PBBBH4-GP BRS-4842-3878
PBBBH4-GPPF / No Yes Yes No 028632280805 PBBBH4-GPPF BRS-4842-3879
PBBBH4-GPRD / No Yes Yes No 028632278499 PBBBH4-GPRD BRS-4842-3880
PBBBH4-IMD / No Yes Yes No 028632781128 PBBBH4-IMD BRS-4842-3882
PBBBH4-IMG / No Yes Yes No 028632781111 PBBBH4-IMG BRS-4842-3881
PBBBH4-JB / No Yes Yes No 028632278505 PBBBH4-JB BRS-4842-3883
PBBBH4-PLM / No Yes Yes No 028632278512 PBBBH4-PLM BRS-4842-3884
PBBBH4-RDB / No Yes Yes No 028632278529 PBBBH4-RDB BRS-4842-3885
PBBBH4-SASP / No Yes Yes No 028632278550 PBBBH4-SASP BRS-4842-3888
PBBBH4-SMKP / No Yes Yes No 028632278543 PBBBH4-SMKP BRS-4842-3887
PBBBH4-SPGR / No Yes Yes No 028632278567 PBBBH4-SPGR BRS-4842-3889
PBBBH4-SWC / No Yes Yes No 028632278536 PBBBH4-SWC BRS-4842-3886
PBBBH4-WH / No Yes Yes No 028632278604 PBBBH4-WH BRS-4842-3893
PBBBH4-WM / No Yes Yes No 028632278574 PBBBH4-WM BRS-4842-3890
PBBBH4-WMR / No Yes Yes No 028632278581 PBBBH4-WMR BRS-4842-3891
PBBBH4-WRM / No Yes Yes No 028632278598 PBBBH4-WRM BRS-4842-3892
PBBBH6-BEM / No Yes Yes No 028632278628 PBBBH6-BEM BRS-4842-3895
PBBBH6-BGM / No Yes Yes No 028632278635 PBBBH6-BGM BRS-4842-3896
PBBBH6-BL / No Yes Yes No 028632278611 PBBBH6-BL BRS-4842-3894
PBBBH6-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632278642 PBBBH6-GP BRS-4842-3897
PBBBH6-GPPF / No Yes Yes No 028632280829 PBBBH6-GPPF BRS-4842-3898
PBBBH6-GPRD / No Yes Yes No 028632278659 PBBBH6-GPRD BRS-4842-3899
PBBBH6-IMD / No Yes Yes No 028632781142 PBBBH6-IMD BRS-4842-3901
PBBBH6-IMG / No Yes Yes No 028632781135 PBBBH6-IMG BRS-4842-3900
PBBBH6-JB / No Yes Yes No 028632278666 PBBBH6-JB BRS-4842-3902
PBBBH6-MT / No Yes Yes No 028632280850 PBBBH6-MT BRS-4842-3903
PBBBH6-PLM / No Yes Yes No 028632278673 PBBBH6-PLM BRS-4842-3904
PBBBH6-RDB / No Yes Yes No 028632278680 PBBBH6-RDB BRS-4842-3905
PBBBH6-SASP / No Yes Yes No 028632278710 PBBBH6-SASP BRS-4842-3908
PBBBH6-SMKP / No Yes Yes No 028632278703 PBBBH6-SMKP BRS-4842-3907
PBBBH6-SPGR / No Yes Yes No 028632278727 PBBBH6-SPGR BRS-4842-3909
PBBBH6-SWC / No Yes Yes No 028632278697 PBBBH6-SWC BRS-4842-3906
PBBBH6-WH / No Yes Yes No 028632278765 PBBBH6-WH BRS-4842-3913
PBBBH6-WM / No Yes Yes No 028632278734 PBBBH6-WM BRS-4842-3910
PBBBH6-WMR / No Yes Yes No 028632278741 PBBBH6-WMR BRS-4842-3911
PBBBH6-WRM / No Yes Yes No 028632278758 PBBBH6-WRM BRS-4842-3912
PBBBH6-YE / No Yes Yes No 028632280843 PBBBH6-YE BRS-4842-3914