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Powerbait Pit Boss

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Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss

The ever-popular Skeet Reese design has been taken to the next level. Designed to mimic both bait fish and crawfish. The unique swimming action makes this bait irresistible. Awesome flippin' bait.



by PowerReviews
Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
PBBPB3-BBL / No Yes Yes No 028632279892 PBBPB3-BBL BRS-4842-3753
PBBPB3-BTX / No Yes Yes No 028632279885 PBBPB3-BTX BRS-4842-3752
PBBPB3-GHZ / No Yes Yes No 028632279908 PBBPB3-GHZ BRS-4842-3755
PBBPB3-GPGR / No Yes Yes No 028632279915 PBBPB3-GPGR BRS-4842-3757
PBBPB3-GPPF / No Yes Yes No 028632279922 PBBPB3-GPPF BRS-4842-3758
PBBPB3-JB / No Yes Yes No 028632279939 PBBPB3-JB BRS-4842-3759
PBBPB3-PF / No Yes Yes No 028632279946 PBBPB3-PF BRS-4842-3761
PBBPB3-PFB / No Yes Yes No 028632279953 PBBPB3-PFB BRS-4842-3762
PBBPB3-SWK / No Yes Yes No 028632279960 PBBPB3-SWK BRS-4842-3763
PBBPB3-WO / No Yes Yes No 028632279977 PBBPB3-WO BRS-4842-3766
PBBPB4-BBL / No Yes Yes No 028632279694 PBBPB4-BBL BRS-4842-3769
PBBPB4-BBU / No Yes Yes No 028632767825 PBBPB4-BBU BRS-4842-3767
PBBPB4-BTX / No Yes Yes No 028632279687 PBBPB4-BTX BRS-4842-3768
PBBPB4-CALI / No Yes Yes No 028632767801 PBBPB4-CALI BRS-4842-3770
PBBPB4-GHZ / No Yes Yes No 028632279700 PBBPB4-GHZ BRS-4842-3771
PBBPB4-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632767856 PBBPB4-GP BRS-4842-3772
PBBPB4-GPGR / No Yes Yes No 028632279717 PBBPB4-GPGR BRS-4842-3773
PBBPB4-GPPF / No Yes Yes No 028632279724 PBBPB4-GPPF BRS-4842-3774
PBBPB4-JB / No Yes Yes No 028632279731 PBBPB4-JB BRS-4842-3775
PBBPB4-OCC / No Yes Yes No 028632767818 PBBPB4-OCC BRS-4842-3776
PBBPB4-PF / No Yes Yes No 028632279748 PBBPB4-PF BRS-4842-3777
PBBPB4-PFB / No Yes Yes No 028632279755 PBBPB4-PFB BRS-4842-3778
PBBPB4-SC / No Yes Yes No 028632767832 PBBPB4-SC BRS-4842-3784
PBBPB4-SCHS / No Yes Yes No 028632781166 PBBPB4-SCHS BRS-4842-3779
PBBPB4-SGHM / No Yes Yes No 028632781173 PBBPB4-SGHM BRS-4842-3780
PBBPB4-SGNM / No Yes Yes No 028632781180 PBBPB4-SGNM BRS-4842-3781
PBBPB4-SHCR / No Yes Yes No 028632781197 PBBPB4-SHCR BRS-4842-3782
PBBPB4-SWK / No Yes Yes No 028632279762 PBBPB4-SWK BRS-4842-3783
PBBPB4-WM / No Yes Yes No 028632767849 PBBPB4-WM BRS-4842-3785
PBBPB5-BBL / No Yes Yes No 028632279793 PBBPB5-BBL BRS-4842-3610
PBBPB5-BSHG / No Yes Yes No 028632279809 PBBPB5-BSHG BRS-4842-3611
PBBPB5-BTX / No Yes Yes No 028632279786 PBBPB5-BTX BRS-4842-3609
PBBPB5-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632279816 PBBPB5-GP BRS-4842-3612
PBBPBJ3-BBU / No Yes Yes No 028632767900 PBBPBJ3-BBU BRS-4842-3751
PBBPBJ3-CALI / No Yes Yes No 028632767887 PBBPBJ3-CALI BRS-4842-3754
PBBPBJ3-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632767931 PBBPBJ3-GP BRS-4842-3756
PBBPBJ3-OCC / No Yes Yes No 028632767894 PBBPBJ3-OCC BRS-4842-3760
PBBPBJ3-SC / No Yes Yes No 028632767917 PBBPBJ3-SC BRS-4842-3764
PBBPBJ3-WM / No Yes Yes No 028632767924 PBBPBJ3-WM BRS-4842-3765