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Powerbait Power Hawg

$4.89 - $5.39
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Berkley Powerbait Power Hawg

Longtime favorite bait now even better! Longer legs for improved swimming action. Rig as Texas rig, jig trailer or Carolina rig.



by PowerReviews
Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
PBBPH4-BLR / No Yes Yes No 028632284964 PBBPH4-BLR BRS-4842-3651
PBBPH4-BSAPH / No Yes Yes No 028632284971 PBBPH4-BSAPH BRS-4842-3652
PBBPH4-CALI / No Yes Yes No 028632284988 PBBPH4-CALI BRS-4842-3653
PBBPH4-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632284995 PBBPH4-GP BRS-4842-3654
PBBPH4-GPCR / No Yes Yes No 028632285008 PBBPH4-GPCR BRS-4842-3655
PBBPH4-GPM / No Yes Yes No 028632285015 PBBPH4-GPM BRS-4842-3656
PBBPH4-GPRD / No Yes Yes No 028632285022 PBBPH4-GPRD BRS-4842-3657
PBBPH4-JB / No Yes Yes No 028632285039 PBBPH4-JB BRS-4842-3658
PBBPH4-JBGR / No Yes Yes No 028632285046 PBBPH4-JBGR BRS-4842-3659
PBBPH4-PF / No Yes Yes No 028632285053 PBBPH4-PF BRS-4842-3660
PBBPH4-SASP / No Yes Yes No 028632285060 PBBPH4-SASP BRS-4842-3661
PBBPH4-SPGR / No Yes Yes No 028632285077 PBBPH4-SPGR BRS-4842-3662
PBBPH4-WM / No Yes Yes No 028632285114 PBBPH4-WM BRS-4842-3663
PBBPH4-WMC / No Yes Yes No 028632285084 PBBPH4-WMC BRS-4842-3664
PBBPH4-WMR / No Yes Yes No 028632285091 PBBPH4-WMR BRS-4842-3665
PBBPH4-WRM / No Yes Yes No 028632285107 PBBPH4-WRM BRS-4842-3666
PBBPH5-BLR / No Yes Yes No 028632284803 PBBPH5-BLR BRS-4842-3667
PBBPH5-BSAPH / No Yes Yes No 028632284810 PBBPH5-BSAPH BRS-4842-3668
PBBPH5-CALI / No Yes Yes No 028632284827 PBBPH5-CALI BRS-4842-3669
PBBPH5-GP / No Yes Yes No 028632284834 PBBPH5-GP BRS-4842-3670
PBBPH5-GPCR / No Yes Yes No 028632284841 PBBPH5-GPCR BRS-4842-3671
PBBPH5-GPM / No Yes Yes No 028632284858 PBBPH5-GPM BRS-4842-3672
PBBPH5-GPRD / No Yes Yes No 028632284865 PBBPH5-GPRD BRS-4842-3673
PBBPH5-JB / No Yes Yes No 028632284872 PBBPH5-JB BRS-4842-3674
PBBPH5-JBGR / No Yes Yes No 028632284889 PBBPH5-JBGR BRS-4842-3675
PBBPH5-PF / No Yes Yes No 028632284896 PBBPH5-PF BRS-4842-3676
PBBPH5-SASP / No Yes Yes No 028632284902 PBBPH5-SASP BRS-4842-3677
PBBPH5-SPGR / No Yes Yes No 028632284919 PBBPH5-SPGR BRS-4842-3678
PBBPH5-WM / No Yes Yes No 028632284957 PBBPH5-WM BRS-4842-3679
PBBPH5-WMC / No Yes Yes No 028632284926 PBBPH5-WMC BRS-4842-3680
PBBPH5-WMR / No Yes Yes No 028632284933 PBBPH5-WMR BRS-4842-3681
PBBPH5-WRM / No Yes Yes No 028632284940 PBBPH5-WRM BRS-4842-3682