Billy Bay Lowcountry Lightning Rigged

Billy Bay Lowcountry Lightning Rigged
  • Model: 775-O-G-53
  • Model: 775-O-O-1 | ORG FLT W/HALO CL.SILVR
  • Model: 778-O-10
  • Model: 778-O-16
  • Model: 778-O-2
  • Model: 778-O-4
  • Model: 778-R-1
  • Model: 778-R-53


Put it in the hands of a beginner and they are quickly and easily catching fish. Give it to a Pro and he is in awe. Fully weighted.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
778-O-10 042621188545 778-O-10
778-O-16 042621188637 778-O-16
778-O-2 042621188521 778-O-2
778-O-4 042621188538 778-O-4
778-R-1 042621188507 778-R-1
778-R-53 042621188514 778-R-53