Booyah Melee

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The Booyah "Melee" deflects off wood, and other cover with ease due to the uniquely-designed head that always strikes cover first which prompts the hook to move up and away from cover. The syncopated loud clacking during the retrieve is also aided by the unique polycarbonate head with an inner lead core that provides a distinct noise far different from any other bladed jig. Add in an extra-long shank hook with a wire plastic keeper and the recipe for yanking bass out of cover is complete.Run it into cover and it comes out unscathed on the other side. The BOOYAH MELEE deflects off of wood and all kinds of cover easily while providing a distinct clack from its unique head and blade combination. This bladed jig will put more bass in your live well when others fail.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BYMLE1270 / No 719339116695 BYMLE1270
BYMLE1271 / No 719339116701 BYMLE1271
BYMLE1272 / No 719339116718 BYMLE1272
BYMLE1273 / No 719339116725 BYMLE1273
BYMLE1274 / No 719339116732 BYMLE1274
BYMLE1275 / No 719339116749 BYMLE1275
BYMLE1277 / No 719339117463 BYMLE1277
BYMLE3867 / No 719339116763 BYMLE3867
BYMLE3873 / No 719339116800 BYMLE3873
BYMLE3874 / No 719339116817 BYMLE3874