Whitetail Institute Imperial Ambush

Whitetail Institute Imperial Ambush
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Whitetail Institute's Imperial Whitetail Ambush is a mix of complementary annual forages that offer early-season attraction, and keeps attracting and holding deer through the late season. It provides deer with lots of energy for fall and winter. The high protein helps them start recovering their winter health losses before spring green up. Key components are two varieties of highly palatable sweet lupines, the most attractive the Whitetail Institute has ever seen. They provide high-protein, high-energy forage for deer through spring and fall. Ambush also includes winter-hardy, high-sugar Whitetail Oats, a proprietary clover and winter pea for cool-season browsing. To help deer through the late season, sugar beets provide essential carbohydrates and sugars they crave and need, extending attraction into the coldest months of the year. Made in USA. Available: 10 lbs. plants 1/4 acre.

Part Numbers

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